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Scanner Darkly (Sf Masterworks)

A Scanner Darkly - Philip K. Dick So, my very first PKD.For the record, this is 3.5 stars, not 4. I didn't love it, but it definitely grew on me in the end, as it got sadder and Fred's character just spiraled into oblivion. It is a really depressing, somewhat dystopian novel that is set in the mid 90s. PKD's imagination really shines through in this one, and so does his personal story of being involved with substances and being involved with those who used substances. I appreciate that the story doesn't have a moral, as is stated in the epilogue. It's politically pretty libertarian in that way, not suggesting that one shouldn't partake in substances but being pretty plain about the potential consequences thereof.I had seen Richard Linklater's rotoscoped version years ago and while I preferred Waking Life (of Linklater's creations), A Scanner Darkly is a great adaptation and the cast is awesome.