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Candy - Mian Mian, Andrea Lingenfelter I think I liked (not loved) and hated this book at the same time. It was good at the beginning and I found it quite moving. The writing is, like others say, poetic and haunting, tragic with an ounce of humour. The love story with Saining to me, didn't really get that old. It did go on for the entire book but it didn't get old for me. To me, the book went downhill fast at the end with the disjointed narrating style. Seems like Mian Mian didn't know where she was going with the story. It got confusing at that point and I found myself jus wanting to get the book over with. Anyways, not a terrible read chock full of sex and drugs. A good insight into underground, modern chinese culture but not for you if you're looking for a heartwarming, full-of-hope story.