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Survivor: A Novel

Survivor - Chuck Palahniuk Better than Pygmy, Snuff, Tell All, Damned, Haunted (except Guts). Worse than Fight Club, Choke and Invisible Monsters. Formulaic? Duh. Awesome? Yes!I have read most of Palahniuk's writing and I think this one, as noted above, is definitely in my top 5 favourites. It is classically Palahniuk in writing and narration but the story is a hilarious and dark satire. Fertility was an amazing character and I hated everything about her (including her name) from the get-go but that was likely the commentary Palahniuk was going for. I laughed out loud at the characters many times. Palahniuk has such a knack for that bone-dry, dark humour that just gets me every time and there are so many key quotes in this book that I cannot even count them. Also, true to Palahniuk style, throw in a little bit of stomach-churning gore and there you have it. Another Palahniuk winner.