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Big Sur

Big Sur - Jack Kerouac, Rob Admiraal, Aram Saroyan Loved it.A funny and sad chronicle of Kerouac's post-On the Road, fame-induced alcoholism. The honesty of this book had be laughing out loud and also feeling pretty sad for Kerouac's state of being in this book. I loved his sea poetry and other notably hilarious moments such as when the rat he inadvertantly (or maybe not) poisoned ran across his face in the middle of the night. Or the hilariosuly poignant moment when he is drunk on the floor moaning to himself and realizes that he isn't the only one in the room. This is my third Kerouac and I think I enjoyed it as much as the first two I read - On the Road and Dharma Bums. He really is the King of the Beatniks.