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Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray Initially I gave this 4 stars but I think I'll only give it 3.I don't read chick-lit. I don't read YA. This book read like those two genres except that it touched on a lot of really important intersectional feminist issues and it did it in a way that didn't make me completely cringe anyway. It did so critically and in a way that aligned with my politics. If all chick-lit was written from a feminist perspective and written to touch on issues in this way, then perhaps I would read more of it. Perhaps... The themes in the book were intelligent, however I didn't find that they were executed in an intelligent, manner. I think Bray bit off more than she could chew and tried to cram too many social isues into one book. Maybe that was the point though, to show that a handful of women have an equal if not greater set of issues. It touched on everything from disability to race, gender, sexuality and it did it in a fun way, but it just wasn't ultimately very...fulfilling. I found the commercial chapters really irritating, to be honest. As well as most of the characters, actually. The writing style otherwise, was fun and light. I particularly enjoyed Petra, Taylor, Nicole and even Sinjin who I thought were the higlights of the book and were to me, the most dynamic characters.From what I understand, this book differs greatly from some of Bray's other work but I'm still not sure if I feel inspired enough to pick anything else up.