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Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1)

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion So, I love zombies. I am a zombie nerd.I thought Marion's take on the genre was pretty fascinating. I really enjoyed the idea of sentient zombies who, internally are pretty articulate and intelligent. I also thought it was an interesting idea to have them experience their victim's memories as they consumed their brains. I thought conceptually, this story was interesting. I like R's character and I enjoyed Julie's character. She is pretty feisty and headstrong. The setting was also cool, an airport. Where zombie dreams are made. And the descriptions of zombie sex were really quite entertaining and had me creating these hilarious mental images.But there were parts that annoyed me.The Boneys. Am I the only one who thought that this was super corny? I was imagining a skeleton army clacking around the place. Didn't like them. They were not at all scary. The flashbacks and weird situation with Perry's brain. I didn't think that this piece was wel-enough developed to have it take up such a huge part of the story. Why did Perry seem to take over R's brain like that? I didn't think this was well-enough explained and actually found that these flashbacks got annoying and tired.All-in-all this book gets points for its unique and innovative take on zombies, a-la-Fido, but loses points for poor development.