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Anya's Ghost

Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol I liked this one.I don't usually read YA graphic novels, or YA in general. I enjoyed the art in this graphic novel, especially the use of greys and blues. The character development was good, as the reader watches Anya learned some important, albeit cliche life lessons. Emily, the ghost that Anya meets, personally doesn't get remotely creepy until the very end. Anya, I find is a little gripey and seems to have an awful lot to complain about, but I foudn that this was an effective portrayal of an average teenager, which I believe was the point. Anya is just average. She has pretty low self-esteem, is awkward, has a crush on the hottest guy in high school, finds her mother annoying, and is insecure about being an immigrant. She thinks she has the worst life, which is annoying, but typical for any teenager.Where this book lacks in uniquness and originality, it makes up for in its art and in its character development.