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Damned - Chuck Palahniuk This is actually 3.5 stars!HM! I join the chorus of other long-time Palahniuk fans in saying that while this is no Fight Club, Choke or Invisible Monsters, Damned surely beats out Tell All, Snuff and Pygmy with flying colours. This seems like more of a return to old times, but not quite. The premise of the story was great and so were the characters. I found myself liking Madison a lot by the end of the story and even liking the quirks of some of the other characters and *dying* to know how they themselves ended up in hell. The twist in this one doesn't hit so hard in the gut as some of the other stories but I kind of appreciated that. Some other reviewers are saying that this book feels more mature than Palahniuk's others and I tend to agree. This story, despite being narrated Judy Blume style by a thirteen year old spoiled brat, and despite some truly grotesque imagery akin to 'The Swamp of Partial Birth Abortions', this story just feels more grown up. The one complaint I have is the voice. While the story is narrated, like I just wrote, by a thirteen-year-old girl, I don't think Palahniuk has quite pulled it off. The narration is Tyler Durden-esque with sharp criticisms of the upper class consciousness (or lack thereof). I didn't think the voice matched the character. That being said, I still liked her.AND if you haven't heard yet, this is the first in a trilogy. THAT is exciting and I can't wait to see what Madison gets up to in the next book.