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Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3)

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3) - Suzanne  Collins Welllll, Mockingjay.While I wasn't disappointed, my enjoyment level had definitely tapered off by the end of Mockingjay. I thought The Hunger Games was fast-paced, thrilling, engaging - all that good stuff. Then, Catching Fire lost a bit of momentum though the Gamemakers' clock arena was AMAZING. And then Mockinjay. I did appreciate her depiction of the effects of all this trauma on the characters. I thought that was good. I liked the last two thirds of the book when we were right into the rebellion. I did like how they kept it ambiguous as to whose bomb it was that killed the kids and Prim at the end. Was it Gale's? Ooo. And I liked how Collins kept that cycle going really. Prim's death was very symbolic - it was trying to save her life that Katniss ended up in this mess in the first place, right?But there was a lot I didn't like!I didn't like the first third of the book. It was boring and seemed like filler. I didn't like Snow's death! COME ON! I mean, I liked that she killed Coin but the entire book was building up to Snow's death and then, when it came, it was....ambiguous and vague. Did he die getting trampled or did he choke on his own blood? BOO. HISS. Prim's death wasn't NEARLY as sad as it should have been - it seemed like filler. She wasn't even around for the preceding 100 pages then suddenly she's being blown to bits. WHY DID SHE END UP WITH PEETA. I guess I saw it coming but I didn't want her to. I liked Gale, really. I didn't like how she just sort of ended up with Peeta...Just because Gale wasn't around. She didn't really make a decision at all and that bugged me.I liked Katniss a lot less by the end. Like many others, I found that she was a strong heroine at the beginning and then by the end, she pulled a Bella and became just plain annoying, indecisive and...something else. Getting yanked around by a bunch of men. Anyways, yeah. I'll give it 3.25 stars.