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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald I re-read this for the first time since grade 11, but I remember it resonating with me then as well.I think that The Great Gatsby has just earned a spot on my favourites of all-time list.Fitzgerald's language is simply beautiful. It perfectly captures the spirit of the time and is simply luscious and beautiful. I found myself hanging on to Fitzgerald's words and wrapping myself up in them like a warm blanket.At it's core, this story seems to be an ironic telling of the American Dream and that those in pursuit of it and those who seem to have it are not infallable. Perhaps we have constructed some grandiose idea of wealth, but this story demonstrates the illusion of happiness, stability and virtue that exists even when one manages to achieve the endless pursuit. I suppose the illusion doesn't stop at the achievement of the American Dream but also includes the American Dream itself - hence the green light. Even though Gatsby had all the money in the world and could throw fancy soirees, there was still something missing for him. Something blinking far off in the distance that he could make out on the horizon but was just too far away to reach out and grab. And he will never find out what it is.The ending is quite sad and what I found so depressing and stark and hopeless was that hardly anybody showed up to Gatsby's funeral. Despite having all of these "friends" that turned up at his parties, nodboy could be bothered to attend his funeral. I guess Fitzgerald did this to illustrate that perhaps there are more important things in life than money and superficial friends.